Special Offers on Exclusive French Collection of Sleigh Beds

Planning to buy French furniture for your bedroom? Island Furniture brings attractive offers and discounts on popular designs of sleigh beds. Choose from Versailles, Provence, Canterbury, Chantilly, and various other French styles.

1) Versailles Sleigh Bed

Versailles Sleigh Bed

Check pricing details of the product here:- http://www.islandfurnitureco.com/versailles-sleigh-bed.html

2)  Renoir Nouveau Sleigh Bed

Renoir Nouveau Sleigh Bed

View full details of the product here:- http://www.islandfurnitureco.com/renoir-nouveau-sleigh-bed.html

3)  Versailles Fabien

Versailles Fabien

Buy this product here:- http://www.islandfurnitureco.com/versailles-fabien.html

4) Versailles Sleigh Bed – Jacqueline – French Ivory

Versailles Sleigh Bed

Check product and pricing details here:- http://www.islandfurnitureco.com/versailles-sleigh-bed-jacqueline-french-ivory.html

5)  Canterbury Double Bed

Canterbury Double Bed


– See more at: http://www.islandfurnitureco.com/canterbury-double-bed.html

6) Provence Low End Sleigh Bed

Provence Low End Sleigh Bed

Buy this product here:- http://www.islandfurnitureco.com/provence-low-end-sleigh-bed.html

Visit http://www.islandfurnitureco.com/collections.html to check out the complete collection from popular French furniture supplier of UK.

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